Friday, May 13, 2016

Explanation for random post spams....

Hey Subscribers to Kid Friendly Organic Life!

First off, sorry for the random old posts that Blogger keeps sending out. I have NO earthly idea what that is about, but rest assured I am attempting to get to the bottom of it with little or no help from blogger (or google who own blogger!). If I can't resolve the issue, I may remove this blog, which would break my heart, of course. Still, I don't want you to get this odd form of spam from me because I am the anti-spam.

Many apologies! I'm working on it - promise!

(and just in case you were wondering - I do plan to post to this blog again, I'm just WAY over the top too busy at present with the release of my second novel, Girls' Weekend - check it out if you're so inclined and if you're jonesing for one of my real posts, you can subscribe to my other blog, Another Good Dog, which chronicles the tales/tails of our foster dog adventures)

Happy May!

Blessings to you,