Shop Local

Greenline Paper Company 
631 South Pine Street, York
Greenline was my first big find. They sell “green” office (and home) products – paper, office supplies, toilet paper, wraps and foil, cleaning supplies, stationery, pencils (made from blue jeans and old money!), fair-trade coffee & chocolate, and lots of stuff I’m forgetting to mention. Recommend them to any Southern York County businesses you know, not only are their products better for the environment, but they offer free delivery for orders $50 and more. You can order for your home too. If you want a smaller quantity than what is listed write them a message in the notes section. Great, friendly service. You can also pick up your order in person if it’s under $50 at their showroom that even has free parking.

4796 Lehman Road, Spring Grove
Can’t say enough about my favorite grocery store. We buy everything from the Seven Valley’s store – fresh produce,  homeopathic & natural vitamins & meds, organic staples like canned goods & oils, “green” detergents and personal care items, cheese, honey, chips, and cereal. Plus bulk items - pasta, nuts, rice, sugar, dried fruit, salt, yeast, chocolate chips, popcorn, oatmeal and freshly ground flours. The staff at Sonnewalds is incredibly knowledgable and can help you with health and nutrition questions. They are closed on Sun-Mon. WAY worth the drive!!

34 W Philadelphia St, York
The market is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. My favorite stands include:
Dietz’s produce – most fruits and veggies are local and organic when possible, also fair trade coffee (ground to order), Apple Valley dairy products, and even organic seeds.
Springleaf Farm – local and organically grown greens – lettuce, spinach, herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers even in the winter! The cucumbers are my favorite – so sweet they taste like watermelon.
If you can’t make it to Sonnewalds, Penderbrooks sells many of the same healthy fare – grains, dried fruit, oils, nuts, etc. Try their cocoa dusted sea salt almonds! Wow.
This Little Light of Mine
This stand is tucked in a narrow spot near Roboritos, but seek it out! I was worried at first that it was going to be a "religious" shop when I spied the title (you know the song from Sunday School about your light and the bushel?), but it's actually full of naturally made soaps and candles. You can even pick your own fragrance from their vast selection of essential oils. Love their all natural deodorants and their lotions make of coconut oil and aloe! Oh - and the shaving jellys are cool, too. Ask them to add glitter (minerals) so you can sparkle!
Lancaster Pickles
This marvelous little stand opened in late 2014. Phenomenal fresh made pickles - try the sweet horseradish or the lemon-dill or the hands down best - garlic-dill. Yummo.

York’s Eastern Market 
201 Memory Lane, York
Open only on Fridays, 7am-6pm and it is a BUSY place. Tons of stands, but here are the ones I love:
Brogue Hydroponics – AMAZING hydroponically grown lettuce – try the butter lettuce. Read how I get two for the price of one.  All the produce is top quality, mostly organic and many times local. They also have edible flowers! The stand is almost smack dab in the middle of the market. Best produce in the place, so don’t miss it.
These pickles are a little on the pricey side, but worth every penny. You can sample the flavors before you buy. I love the sweet & spicey and the garlic dill, but my kids favor the Bread & Butter or the kosher spears. We also buy their mustard.
UTZ outlet stand
Okay, not organic (although I think they might have a few varieties that are), but the prices are the best around and the pretzels and chips are first quality. This stand is right near the pickle stand in the southeast corner (closest to Market street).

Park Street Pantry
24 North Beaver Street
If you like oil and vinegars and cooking in general, this is your place. Just a few doors down from the White Rose Bar & Grill, the pantry always has oils and vinegars available for you to taste. They also sell loose spices and an assortment of gourmet salts and peppers. Great place to buy a gift, but I’m a regular because I love their balsamic vinegars. My favorite salad dressing right now is made from their lavender olive oil and lemon balsamic vinegar (add salt and pepper and you’re done). Also love their Cyprus flaked sea salt and merlot salt. Lots of dips and truffles to choose from too!

Sweet Melissa’s Dream
51 North Beaver Street
If you’re looking for a gift, be sure and stop in to Melissa’s. She’s got beautiful eco-friendly gifts, jewelry, clothes, and wall hangings. She also sells salted caramels at the register (also known as “crack caramels” because they are highly addictive!)

Cherie Anne’s 
48 West Philadelphia Street
This is probably my favorite spot in downtown York. I always stop here first to stock up on my favorite loose teas (white chocolate coconut latte and pineapple upside down cake) and buy a cup to go from the tea bar. Cherie also has a huge selection of fibers, handmade jewelry, tea accessories, and other gifts. Classes are offered upstairs on everything from Reiki to knitting.

Mudhook Brewing
34 N Cherry Lane, York (in the back corner of Central Market, there is parking down the alley)
Mudhook brews a variety of beers on the premises, several are regularly available, but they always have a few seasonal brews (last year’s Sunken Orchard Peach and Pumpkin Ale were delicious!). They sell beer by the glass, flight, and growler. Their menu has some delicious finds on it, but I mostly love the pretzels and homemade mustard they serve complimentary with the beer. Live local music on the weekends. Don’t miss Three Dollar Suit, JC Fisher band, or Kayla Kroh, my favorite sounds.

York Emporium
343 West Market Street, York 
Dress warm (the heat is set very low) and wear comfortable shoes because if you are a book lover you’ll be here awhile. Low prices and the largest selection in York (and I’m guessing most of PA) of used books, records, comic books, and lots of other unique items (lava lamps!) fill this store. Look for the free parking lot located just off West Market Street.

Closer to home (Shrewsbury)

M and S Photo
526 South Main Street
Located in the Miles Maytag shopping center in the very back, you will find Neil hiding in his little shop. He can develop pictures from film or CD, help you restore photos, and take passport photos. He is also an excellent and reasonably priced photographer. The prices don’t seem to have changed since the 70’s, so he’s the best deal in Shrewsbury and the personalized service totally beats waiting for the machine at Wal-Mart. Photos are ready within the hour.

The Pet Shoppe
539 South Main Street, Shrewsbury
In the shopping center a few doors down from the Goodwill, you will find our locally owned pet store offering quality pet products, live fish, cat adoptions, self-serve dog wash, grooming services, and just about any specialty product for your pampered pet. They also offer a Kids Club that meets weekly to learn about pets. My kids loved it when they were younger and we’ve brought in our chickens to share with the kids a few times.

A Little Further Afield –

Allegro Vineyards,
3472 Sechrist Road, Brogue
The vineyard is about a 25 minute drive from Shrewsbury, but it’s worth the trip. While the Allegro stand in York’s Central Market will offer you a few wines to try (almost all sweet wines), at the vineyard you can try the good stuff. Their dry reds are the best I’ve tasted in PA (so far!) and the tasting is only $3. In nice weather, you can bring a picnic and sit on their pavilion with a bottle of wine. Great day trip!


  1. Juliana's in the Village was a fabulous restaurant, but sadly, they are no longer in business in New Freedom. I heard they moved to Central Market, but I am not sure if that is true. Anyone know?

    1. They had a deal with Copper Crust, but it fell through. Not sure what they are up to, but I look for them every week when I'm up to the market.