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Freecycle - This site lets you give away the stuff you don't need. You can also find free stuff you need. I've gotten a breadmaker, and given away craft supplies, videotapes, VCR, and strange things like, "box of plastic kid toys" or "treadmill that has a mind of its own". When you sign up, it connects you to the site in your area. Great way to off load stuff you can't take to goodwill or find wierd things for free (you can post "WANTED" ads!).

Local Harvest - This site has a wealth of resources for finding organic food. You can search for farms and markets near you or anywhere in the country. I use it to buy pecans in season directly from the farm where they are grown and organic oranges directly from the grower. It also has a great feature you can sign up for that alerts you to events in your area that feature locally grown products.

Catalog Choice - This site helps you cancel all the unwanted catalogs, credit card offers, insurance come-ons, and other junk mail your recieve with just a click of  a mouse. It's helpful to have the catalogs you want to cancel in front of you so you can provide the customer number (but it's not necessary). When I sort the mail I make a pile of unwanted catalogs and junk mail and then log on a few times a month to cancel all of them. It's truly cut down on the amount of junk that arrives in our mailbox, which has the added bonus of eliminating the catalogs featuring items my youngest never knew he needed until a catalog came along offering them.

Opt Out Prescreen - This is another site that lets you officially opt out of all the bank, credit, insurance, and other offers that come in the mail. You can opt out for six months by filling out their online form, or you can print out another form, sign it, mail it, and opt out permanently! I've done this for myself and my husband, and then use catalog choice to cancel anything that slips through the cracks. Apparently whenever you order something online, that is the greenlight to a company to start sending catalogs again and offering your information to any Tom, Dick, or Harry that asks for it.

Geocaching - If your family doesn't already geocache, it's time to discover it. It's free (unless you buy the app for $10 which is totally worth it!), and will lead you on adventures where you will discover hidden treasures and beautiful places, all while getting some exercise and family time. Don't be a muggle anymore - start geocaching! Here's another link with even more info on Geocaching!

Landreth Seeds - Have to give a shout out to our local heirloom seed company which is also the oldest heirloom seed company in the country! They offer varieties you won't find anywhere else. The catalogs are incredibly beautiful and completely worth the price, but you can also order online.

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