Homemade Life Workshops

These workshops take approximately 45 -75 minutes depending on topic, but can be customized to fit any program. Each presentation invites the participants questions and comments. Some provide visuals and can include hands-on participation. Everything is practical and everyone walks away with something they can do right now to begin living a homemade life that nourishes your body and spirit. I've presented to large groups in a formal setting, casual small spaces with children underfoot, and everything in between.

The cost of these workshops is a sliding scale depending on what your group can afford. Basically, I love sharing this information and will present for the cost of my travel, as I learn something every time I present.
Bio: Cara Achterberg is a freelance writer, blogger, and mother of three who lives in New Freedom, PA. She raises much of her family’s food supply in the form of organic vegetables, fruits, and chickens. She is passionate about organic living and believes it is the answer to many of the health and social struggles we face, as well as the most balanced way to raise a family.

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Homemade Life

Every news story seems to bring more causes for worry – what we’re eating, what we’re doing, what we’re breathing, even what we’re thinking. For parents, these worries are multiplied as we make decisions about how to raise our children.
In this introductory workshop, we’ll examine issues like:
- Processed foods - preservatives, additives, artificial ingredients & food dyes
- Incorporating more whole, organic foods in to our menus (and budgets)
- Strategies for convincing a skeptical family of the importance of “clean” eating
- Raising kids who are kind, planet-conscious, and creative
- Slowing down, living more simply, and reducing the stuff and stress in our lives
- How living a healthier, happier, homemade life not only improves our own lives, but our communities and our planet

Join us as we explore how to create a healthy, happy, homemade life in a world that bombards us with demands on our time, wallets, and sanity. You’ll leave with lots of ideas, resources, and inspiration to begin living your own healthy, happy, homemade life, and perhaps some food for thought.

WORKSHOP #2                                   
Eating organic on a budget.

Sure, we all want to eat organically, but who can afford it? This workshop is crammed full of ideas for buying, growing, cooking, and saving on healthy food. We’ll talk about how to make your current budget stretch to afford the foods that will have the most impact on your health and your family’s health. Find out how you can make your own peanut butter, granola, instant oatmeal, bread, yogurt, ice cream, and other staples of everyday life. There are lots of small ways you can start living a homemade life today. No one does it overnight, but we all can make changes now that move us towards the life we want.

Clean, green living

Living a healthy, happy, homemade life means finding ways to clean and care for your home without toxic chemicals. It’s much easier than you think – and it’ll save you money! This workshop is filled with ideas for reducing, recycling, re-using, saving money and lightening your load. Need some inspiration for cleaning up your act – find it here!

Raising organic kids

Tons of ideas for teaching your children how to live a healthy, happy, homemade life. Need a plan for chores, screen time, paper/project accumulation, packing lunches, traveling, partying, laundry, household help, and a whole bunch of other parental dilemmas? Join in the discussion about what works, what doesn’t, and how we can grow healthy, happy kids.

Organic gardening for the average Joe

I’m no master gardener, but I’ve been doing this long enough to know a few tricks for growing food for our family. It’s all about what saves time, money, and effort. A garden is the foundation for a healthy, happy, homemade life. If you don’t have your own space – don’t despair there is ground to go around. Come learn how to create a garden where there once was lawn, start your own seeds, and harvest a healthy, happy, homemade life.

Canning and preserving like your grandma did (sort of…)

Canning and preserving food is simple and requires very few special tools and certainly no special skills. Learn the tricks, tips, and methods that will help you make the most of the food that is in season in your garden and the farms around us.

Chicken keeping for everyone

Dreamed of collecting your own fresh eggs from your own fresh chickens? It’s not an impossible dreams. Chickens make great pets and pay their own way. They don’t require any more space than a dog kennel in your back yard and not only do they offer fresh eggs, but they make great pets and provide endless hours of entertainment. Learn how you can start chicken keeping this week!

Homemade Eating

Ideas for cooking, baking and serving healthier foods. It’s not only what you take out, but what you put in your foods that make them healthier. Learn about some good things like flaxseed, cranberries, salt, coconut oil, and grass-fed products and find out about the dangers of food dyes, MSG, aspartame, and genetically-modified organisms.

Homemade Holidays (and Birthdays)

Holidays can be times of overindulging, overspending, and overstimulation, but they can also be times of great joy, meaningful tradition, and quiet connections. Explore ideas for making your holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and birthdays) heavy on the meaning and light on the stress. Ideas for healthy, happy, homemade birthday parties and holiday celebrations and traditions.

Homemade Me

Sometimes when our lives are consumed by others’ needs and wants, we forget about our own. Do you make room in your life for creativity and meaning? Take some time to reflect on what you’re doing for YOU. We’ll explore why and how you can exercise your body, mind, and spirit for a healthier and happier you.




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