Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Beginning.....

OK, first I have to say I’d never even followed a blog until this past week. So I definitely do not know what I’m doing. That should excuse a lot, I hope.

I’m starting this blog because I’ve been writing a lot lately about trying to live an organic life on a real world budget. I’m finding I have a lot to say and learn about this topic, but I’m not sure where all the information is leading me. I’ve had several friends ask me how to eat/live more organically and there is so much to say and I can never think of it all at the time of their question. I’ve also had lots of people roll their eyes and say they’d love to do the organic thing but it’s too expensive or it’s too hard. It’s neither of those things.

I’m going to write about living organically for those of us who can’t afford 100% organic cotton clothing and fair trade harvested organic chocolate. My family has actually saved money by living and eating organically. I’m going to share what we’ve learned (many times the hard way) in this blog and hope that you’ll pass along your ideas too.

My motivation for living an organic life began about two years ago when my youngest son developed the autoimmune disorder alopecia areata. He was four when all of his hair fell out in less than two months. It was scary and deeply painful for me. He handled it great. There is no effective treatment for alopecia areata and no one knows what causes it. I had to hear that from doctors at Hopkins and Hershey before I accepted it, but eventually I could say it without breaking down. It took a bit longer before I could resist the urge to punch each person who said, “It’s just hair.” But in the end, it was just hair. My child is incredibly healthy otherwise. And he’s incredibly healthy because of the way we are living and the food we are eating. My strategy is to make his body as healthy as it can be and maybe it will figure out how to right itself. That’s what launched this journey and I’m grateful to be on it.

I’m going to stop now because all the advice I read on blogging says that people won’t read long entries. I have lots more to say, so beware.

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