Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Power of Best Friends

I guess that I am the first of any of Cara’s readers that have actually posted a guest blog. I think that makes me the guinea pig. Depending on who Cara’s avid readers are, some of you may know me, some may not. My name is Lisbeth, I am one of Cara’s best friends from childhood (the really young years…7 -13) in Hockessin.

For those of you who simply read this blog but really don’t know Cara at all, let me tell you that she talks exactly like she types, that’s pretty much why I read it all the time, I feel like I am in her living room. While her blogging may revolve around Organic foods and healthy living for children, mine are both young adults and so what I have done or not done with them over the past 21 years no longer really has relevance, they make their own choices now.

I started out when they were little doing the homemade thing, baby food in the blender, cloth diapers, fresh juices etc., then reality set in with a husband out to sea and a job. All of that stuff that she says not to do, I did, miraculously I have 2 pretty wonderful almost adult children that ate McDonalds french fries and drank coke once in a while, so don’t fret, there is hope.

I read her blog because she inspires me, to be better, do better, live better and pay attention (at whatever level) to what I buy and what I eat. I can guarantee you that I am nowhere near her state of greatness for the environment but I am listening. I think that if all of us do that, just try one thing, if it is recycling or buying local or eating organic the planet actually might survive for a little while longer than its current life expectancy.

This brings me to the point of this blog. The influence of best friends and the power that they have over us, for LIFE!!

Cara , Linda and I grew up together, we played with horses, we complained about our mothers, we sang, laughed, fought, cried, explored, learned, loved and never ever stopped being friends. I am the youngest of the 3 but not by much, I moved away from the other 2 when I was 13, I didn’t see either one of them (although they stayed close) for 10 years.

Somehow, miraculously, now that we all have families and live in 3 completely separate corners of the country, we found each other again. Cara I see weekly in cyber space reading her blog but physically I have not seen her since Ian was 2. So what is the point of all this? The point is that our friends perhaps more than our parents or friends or coworkers have more influence over us than anyone.

I live at the beach. I do not swim in the ocean, no one can get me in the water, except Cara, she can convince me to do anything and she always has. I do not hike in the mountains, I am a city girl, I go to Idaho and hike 7 miles up a mountain, with Linda. I run (ok, so I jog) but not by choice, I am not an “I love running“ kind of a girl. I run because I like to drink wine and eat dessert (more than just one bite). Running is the only way that my clothes still fit at the end of the month. If anyone ever mentioned to me that I should train for and run a half marathon, I would tell them that they were completely nuts! These two have convinced me to try and tackle this challenge and I actually agreed, why , I am still not quite sure but it will be an interesting chapter to add to my life story. (You'll love it and feel like superwoman when it's all done, the blisters are soaking, and the wine glass is in your hand! - Cara)

If most of the readers of this blog have young children that are still heavily influenced by their peers, beware, they could possibly be around forever. The power and influence that true, forever friends have on us, for LIFE, is quite amazing. I am grateful to have some in mine!!

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