Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Me, Me, Me

This week I’m going to shamelessly plug my own interests. Feel free to roll your eyes and skip this post, but if you manage to slog through my posts on a regular basis, let me tell you about some opportunities for even more of my musings, rantings, and ideas.

First, if you are new to this blog or don’t really remember anything I said way back at the start, you’re in luck. Instead of looking up the old posts from three years ago, you can read the condensed and much better edited versions of those posts in the e-column I now write for Central Penn Parent online. My column comes out every Thursday and you can have the e-newsletter sent directly to your inbox. I’ve started back at the beginning and am reducing each post down to 300 words or less. The online editor then takes his mouse to it and slashes it even more, rearranging it, and making me sound much more professional.

The second opportunity is for locals. I’ll be giving a workshop entitled, “How to Eat Organic on a Budget” at The Mason Dixon Library in Stewartstown at 6:30pm on Wednesday March 14. In addition to spouting off on all kinds of ideas for eating better without breaking the bank, I’ll also bring books, resources, and samples of my own peanut butter, bread, and cookies. I’d love to see you there.

I have one other opportunity I will sheepishly offer. I have been working on a non-fiction publishing project that has nothing to do with organic life, although I can’t really say that because everything I do is colored by my organic life. In a few weeks, I’ll be looking for some objective readers who are willing to take a look at the manuscript and give me honest feedback. This project is called “True’s Tale” and is the story of an unbroken horse that was given to me two years ago. It’s basically a journal of our time together, my attempt to “break” him, and the things I learned about horses, kids, and life in the process. It’s not a lengthy read and I’m really hoping that you don’t need to know (or even like) horses to get something out of it. If you’d be interested in being one of my early readers for this project, shoot me an e-mail. I’m probably still several weeks away from the big read, but I’d like to get my ducks lined up (not that you’re a duck or in any danger of being shot).

And lastly, dear reader, I can’t thank you enough for the gift of your time each week. This blog has always been a labor of love for me and I write it in the hopes that I’m helping you, not just to eat and live more organically, but to lift you up and celebrate the connection we all have with each to other as we do the best we can with what we know each day on this fragile, spinning sphere.

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