Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One Super Simple Homemade Present Idea

I know you’re not thinking about homemade Christmas presents right now. In fact, you’re probably like me – about to be caught unawares when Thanksgiving wraps and you look around and think – “Oh my God, it’s almost Christmas and I haven’t done a thing!” Well, this year, undoubtedly, that will happen once again but I will have at least one present brewing away in the back of my pantry ready to give just in time for Christmas.

I’m making homemade infused vinegars. Specifically, white wine balsamic vinegar infused with lemons. It’s delicious. I love it with olive oil as salad dressing or drizzled on steamed vegetables. I even like to dip fresh bread in it. Yummo.

Most of the people on my Christmas list already have everything they need. I’m sure they’d be perfectly happy with a gift card or the latest bestseller. But I love to give presents that I’ve made by hand or at the very least put my heart in to. So this year, several of my peeps will be getting yummy lemon infused vinegar. A couple of them are probably reading this now, so I apologize for spoiling the surprise.

I’ve written in the past about homemade gifts here and here if you’re looking for some ideas.

Infused vinegars are probably the easiest presents I’ve made. The hardest part is finding the perfect gift bottles and thinking ahead. Infused vinegars take at least three weeks to reach their best flavors. I’ll share my ultra-simple recipe below, but I’m sure you can find other recipes online if lemon isn’t your thing. If nothing else, maybe this post will get you thinking about how you can pull together some heartfelt, handmade presents yourself this year.

White Wine Balsamic Lemon Infused Vinegar

1 bottle white wine vinegar
1 lemon

Pour vinegar into an airtight container (I used a quart mason jar)
Cut lemon in to pieces and place in jar. I only use ½ a lemon in each jar and the flavor is fine, but an entire lemon would make it more intense.
Seal and store for three weeks in a dark place that doesn’t get too hot or too cold. (I put them in the back of my pantry cupboard – in that area that I can’t really reach and where all the stuff nobody ever wants to eat accumulates.)
Strain vinegar and fill gift jars. You can put some fresh lemon peel in the jar to make it more decorative or add a gift tag with serving suggestions.

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