Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's Hiding in Those Eggs?

Easter is only a few days away. In previous years, I’d be prepared. This year, despite its late date, it snuck up on me. Considering there was snow falling from the sky last night (enough, already!), it’s been hard to get in the mood. Yesterday, and again this morning, my youngest, most subtle child, said, “I hope the Easter bunny’s figured out what he’s going to put in the eggs this year.” This child knows me. He’s also a snooper and has probably noticed the lack of stashed treats.

It’s hard to bring myself to buy crappy candy. Yes, I know, this is what Easter’s all about. Candy is part of the deal. Still, it grates on my soul. Tomorrow I will drag myself up to the Wolfgang Candy outlet in York and buy the obligatory sweet stuff. At least I’ll be supporting a local company.

One year, when I was more ambitious, I actually made organic homemade chocolate covered cream eggs. Who was that woman and where did she go?

Every year I try to think of other things to stuff the plastic eggs with beyond sugar drenched, food-dye laden, artificially flavored lumps (because really people, that’s what this is).

Now, don’t take me for a scrooge. I’m all about Easter. I love watching the kids hunt for eggs. I love surprising them with a few nice things in their Easter baskets. I just wish I had something better to offer them in their eggs.

My older kids are always looking for a handout, so money is an obvious option. I’ll fill a few eggs with cold hard cash. But what else fits in that tiny egg? I turned to the internet for ideas.

Puzzle pieces that they work together to solve. This sounds like a great idea, but I’m wondering whether my older kids will even get out of  bed for the hunt. If I can find a blank puzzle on which I can write a message, this could be fun, though.

Pictures of larger items.  Admittedly this is cheating, but I’m definitely considering it. My kids are in to Magic The Gathering cards which don’t fit in the eggs, but a picture of each card or even just the name of each card would fit.

Letters that spell out something. If I could come up with a really great prize, I’d be all about this one. Ideas?

Pony tail holders and Tiny nail polish. Lots of girl stuff fits in the eggs, but what if the boys find them?

Marbles and plastic army men. I wish I’d thought of this one when my kids were younger. There was a time when they were obsessed with marbles and spent hours staging plastic army men battles. I still find marbles under furniture and army men in the grass.

Coupons. Nice idea, but requires way too much creativity on my part at this late date. I could cheat and buy coupons for Rita’s, though.

Lottery tickets. This is a fun idea.

Silly putty. My kids have definitely not grown out of silly putty. I just may have to hit the dollar store.
Fun shoe laces would be a great idea if they wore shoes that required laces. Alas.

Directions to prizes. It’s a thought, but too complicated for my tired self.

Rainbow loom loops. I throw this one out there because I know there are plenty of kids that love these. I still treasure the bracelet made for me by my dear little friend Jack.

Itunes card. I think they’d actually be too big for an egg, but they’ll certainly be appreciated in a basket.

Amazon gift certificate. These can be printed out and folded up! And they come in small amounts. I’m on this one.

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