Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Today’s camp started with wild raspberry picking! The camper who grumbled the most about the adventure actually beat all the other campers up the hill to the raspberry patch on the side of the neighbor’s soybean field and out-ate the rest of us. I’d had plans to scout out some other local raspberries, but yesterday on our way home from geocaching we spied a group of Amish teenagers combing our road for berries. Alas, we had to be satisfied with our small find.

We spent the rest of the morning continuing work on our craft projects. Some campers have begun additional projects and late this afternoon the craft table caught the eye of a camper who has ignored all our other activities.

After lunch a new camper joined us for a stream hike/swim/wade/run/splash/slip! One of our older campers tagged along on shore and captured much of the action. Here's a picture play-by-play -
Campers followed by their fearless director test the waters at the trailhead 

Off we go!

 It didn't take long for the campers to outpace their director with the gimpy ankle.
Occasionally we encounterd obstacles.
But each camper found their own way over (or under).

The campers were delighted to find the occasional swimming hole.

The stream hike was a roaring success. We promised to do this again on a hot day!

Our final activity of the day was a campfire. This attracted the attention of the property owner who could not resist supervising the fire. Under his careful eye, the fire grew larger and larger. The younger campers were unimpressed and had an impromptu game of tossing the tennis balls at each other making both the camp director and the camp cat nervous.

 Another successful day at camp! Tomorrow's day is the busiest one yet and will take us to the metropolis of Baltimore and the waters of Lake Redmond (as long as there are still kayaks available since the camp director forgot to call today to reserve them!). 

Stay tuned!

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